A Dog’s nemesis

The pear tree is heavy with fruit

but offers lots of shade for Patch

It is hot and he should use the shade to keep cool,

but the terrier must investigate everything

He sneaks up on the tomato plants

and the smell tickles his nose

as he spies the neighbor’s yard unseen

Bored with that, he makes his way to the herb garden,

sliding on his belly so he can surprise the bird sentries

They fly away and Patch helps himself to some basil

No one will ever miss it

Onward to the patio,

where some burgers are being grilled

The ball of flame in the sky is going away

it must be tired of playing today

Little flashing lights are flying around

and if he tries real hard, maybe he can catch one

He blinks and they are gone

then they reappear, but he is determined to get one

Fireflies on a summer night,

a dogs nemesis