Long Time

I started this blog for a class and my intention was to keep at it. Apparently that did not work. So it’s two years later and I think it is time I get my butt in gear. I’ve been through a lot of changes in the last two years. My mom died in 2014. It’s strange to think that I can never see or talk to her again. One minute she exisited and the next she did not. She was always a people person and in the end, she only had one brother left and he lived hundreds of miles away. Her friends and relatives she was close too had also passed already and her other children were spread out all over the place so me and my daughters had a nice little ceremony for her. We went with cremation and we each have a keepsake butterfly lamp which my oldest has still not unpacked. That was the beginning of my year. The end of 2014 I had to put one of my dogs down. The poor little thing went blind and would pace slowly all day long. Then she started attacking something she perceived as a threat that wasn’t actually there. It could be a door or wall, another dog or me. It wasn’t any way for her to live. The vet gave her medication to help but it didn’t do anything. Then 2015 rolled around and my boyfriend of twelve and a half years decided he needed a change so now I live in Cincinnati with my cousin and three Jack Russell Terriers. Starting over in a strange place is hard, not impossible, but hard. I’m not entirely sure which direction I will go in. I might go back to school, I had less than a year left for my bachelors. I will be writing more because I need the outlet and other than that we will just have to see the way the wind blows.