Anne Rice on Facebook

One of my favorite authors is Anne Rice. Just like many other authors, she utilizes social media to promote herself. Her Facebook page is wonderful and she maintains it herself. There is a wealth of information about Anne and also her husband and son. There is a library section that includes all of her works and information on them. She has videos posted where she discusses various topics. There are also photos of herself, her family and her beloved cats.
She refers to the fans on her page as “the people of the page”. She posts frequently about a wide variety of topics from current events and new authors. She seems to love engaging with others and answers as many comments as she can. She posts tons of pictures of Tum Tum her cat, a white cat with beautiful blue eyes. She puts a lot of herself into her page and comes across as being a good natured person. You do not feel as though you are conversing with a celebrity but more like you are talking with a friend.
She devotes a lot of her time to the page. Glancing at it shows that she puts up many posts every day that elicit a comment and get the conversation flowing. Although she does not have goodreads or any other book club style links on her page, she frequently mentions new authors and puts up links for their work.
All in all Anne Rice’s page is a wonderful example of how an author should run their page. She offers information about herself, but it is also highly personalized and reading through the various post you can tell she is very fond of the people of the page.

One thought on “Anne Rice on Facebook

  1. I agree with everything you say here 🙂 Anne Rice was kind enough to recommend and share my blog review for The Wolf Gift.
    It is rare to find such a successful author who really cares about readers’ opinions xx

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